Kaushal is one of the most popular bigg boss 2 contestants. His fan base is increasing by the day and he has managed to woo the audience with his talent. Kaushal forayed into showbiz as a child artist at the age of two in one of the Telugu serials ‘Evvani Chedanunchu’.

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Later on , he was seen in various films. He made his debut in films in Raja Kumarudu. He won best actor award for his role in the telugu serial Chakravakam. He became a household name after Dance Baby Dance where he played host.

Till date, Kaushal was known to just telugu audiences. But, now his popularity has crossed boundaries thanks Bigg Boss 2. You don't believe us? Well, for starters Kaushal's fan following is on the lines of top Tollywood stars ever since Bigg Boss 2 was aired.

We already informed you that a group of people have formed the Kaushal army to support him. On top of that, fans are now calling him an addiction on bigg boss 2. There are people who watch the show just for kaushal. His sincerity is making his fans go crazy by the day. Kaushal fans have heaped praises on him on Instagram. Check out fans' comments on this Instagram post along with a clip featuring kaushal in one of the recent episodes.