Nani's Bigg Boss 2 is getting more interesting by the day. The show has also been receiving good TRP ratings. There is a buzz in social media circles that Nani and organizers have been targeting Kaushal to ensure he gets evicted from the show.

It is a known fact that Kaushal enjoys a huge fan following. His performance on the show and mannerisms have stuck chord with the Telugu audiences. As a result he has a special group of fans who call themsellves the Kaushal Army.

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Everyday there's something about Kaushal. Today, we share with you an interesting video made by one of his USA fans, which is a funny satire on bigg contestants in the voice of popular Tollywood actors. This dubsmash video has gone viral on social media and it is one of the most circulated videos on WhatsApp too. Check this out here

The grapevine is that that it is hard to send Kaushal out of the house. His fans won't tolerate if he steps out of the show. Kaushal is known to entertain not just viewers but also other contestants on the show. Recently, Kaushal army even trolled Nani on various social media platforms for degrading his image and yelling at him without reason. People are betting big time that Kaushal would emerge winner of Bigg Boss 2.

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Reports suggest that his fans will support him until Kaushal bags the winner trophy on Bigg Boss 2. It is amazing to see Kaushal army's love towards him. The winner and elimination will be based on audiences votes. Kaushal army will certainly make him win the Season-2 of Bigg Boss. Let's wait to see who will face elimination this week. Watch this space for updates. Did you enjoy watching the video made by Kaushal army? Do let us know in the comments section below.