We are back with news on Telugu Bigg Boss 2 which is being hosted by Nani. Ever since the first episode was aired, Bigg Boss 2 has been receiving mixed reviews from audiences due to poor selection of contestants. On the other hand, a lot is riding on anchor Nani too. One of the leading channels has asked fans to compare Bigg Boss 1 with 2. We need not tell you that Bigg Boss 1 was an instant hit due to NTR and his way of hosting.

One of the viewers stated to the channel that nothing was interesting in the present season. There are no moral lessons on the show that can be emulated in real life, said one. Waste of advertisement and sponsorship, said another. Winner will be declared by audience votes who will decide based on their attitude in the house. Nani will appear twice a week on the show. He asks contestants not to fight on the show which they never pay heed to. The first Season hosted by NTR was an enjoyable one, said another viewer, adding, Season 2 has unnecessary drama and nothing interesting to offer

Since the beginning, Season-2 has received negative talk from people. Looks like the sentiment continues even weeks after it started. Nani seems to have little effect on contestants. In NTR's Bigg Boss, most of the contestants obeyed him and followed rules of the show. We were happy with Bigg Boss 1 winner contestants Siva Balaji. Bigg Boss 2 is a time pass and there is no message in the entire show. Bigg Boss 2 is only for contestants and not for the audiences, said a person. This season was meant t have a commoner on show. However, the first person to get eliminated from the show was commoner Sanjana. What is the use? Celebrities know how to act on the show and it is his profession. But for a commoner, this is something new and thus must be given a chance to play on the show.They are not entertaining the audiences but degrading a commoner on the show is unacceptable.

These were the sentiments echoed by the viewers who have been closely following the show.

We have to wait and watch to see if the show will changes its strategy after knowing this. Any wild guesses who will face elimination this week? Let us know in the comments section below.