Bigg Boss 2 which is being hosted by Natural Star Nani is reaching wider audiences with each passing day. It is a known fact that Nani's hosting skills wasn't welcomed by the audiences in the initial days of the show. Bigg Boss 2 picked up pace thereafter with several  controversial scenes between Kaushal and Tejaswi teams. Also, the way Nani has handled criticisms as well as situations has been lauded by small screen viewers who have given their thumbs up.

whenever Bigg Boss assigned tasks on the show, it led to a clash for numerous reasons. Sanjana, Tejaswi and other contestants got evicted from the house through audience voting.

Bigg Boss 2 is inching closer towards completion. There's a huge buzz predicting Kaushal as the winner of season-2. On the other hand, rumors are flying thick and fast that NTR might pay a visit to the Bigg Boss 2 house.

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There are two reasons why he would appear. One, NTR could visit the house as a guest in the final round or he might come to the house to promote his Aravinda Sametha being directed by Trivikram Srinivas.

Ever since season-2 was aired, audiences have been waiting to catch a glimpse of NTR on the show. Looks like their prayers would be answered soon if NTR does make a guest appearance on Telugu Bigg Boss Season -2 finals.

Recently, NTR was guest of honor on Dhee 10 finals and he broke the TRP ratings of the show and the episode recorded the highest TRPs for Dhee show in history. Earlier, NTR hosted Bigg Boss and the winner of the previous season was Siva Balaji. It would be a pleasure if NTR announces the winner of Bigg Boss 2 too.

The organisers have a good rapport with NTR a reason why they let him excuse himself from the show over his professional commitments. So, should they invite him to be the guest on the final episode of Bigg Boss 2, he would definitely agree. Should NTR decide to come on the show, it would sure be a delight for his fans. Let us wait for an official confirmation about his appearance.

Meanwhile, NTR is occupied with his upcoming flick Aravinda Sametha which is being directed by Trivikram Srinivas. They are wrapping up the film and it is slated for release in the month of October. Pooja Hegde will be seen as NTR's leading lady in the film.

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