Bigg Boss Host Nani Losing His Sleep Over Tejaswi?

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Bigg Boss 2 is one of the leading entertainment shows in Telugu television. Ever since Tejaswi got evicted from the show. She is making sensational comments over Nani who is hosting the show.

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As soon as she entered the show, Tejaswi formed a group with contestants like-Tanish, Babu Gogineni and Samrat etc. With her team, she would target other group contestants, among whom was Kaushal who had a tough time with her.

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We could tell Tejaswi comments on Kaushal made him stronger. He has increased his fan following like A-list star after appearing on Bigg boss 2. Kaushal got huge support from audiences. Should somebody target Kaushal, then his fans troll the person like crazy.

If host Nani also points to Kaushal's mistake they even troll Nani on social media platforms. It's always Kaushal's Army which decides who wil get eliminated from the show every week. As you know, Bigg Boss elimination will be based on people's votes and Kaushal Army is much bigger than anything else, it is learned.

A little birdie tell us that, Bigg Boss 2 is not running as expected and contestants who thought they were strong in the house are facing elimination. Rumors are doing the rounds that they are planning to send Kaushal out of the house. Kaushal has to take control of the show. If Kaushal steps out of the house then there are high chances that Bigg Boss 2 TRP ratings will drop which will sure givs Nani sleepless nights.

Besides, Tejaswi's dad hit out at the channel for deliberately sending his daughter out of our the house. Earlier it was the actress itself which was causing distress to contestants and Nani, now it looks like the host has to face the wrath of her dad too. And Nani is losing his sleep over this.

We already informed you that Bigg Boss 2 is getting a better response from the audiences compared to the beginning of the show. It remains to be seen, how bigg boss 2 will turn out and what it holds in coming days.

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