Pictures: How Upasana Transformed Herself From Fat To Fit

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Upasana Kamineni Konidela is one of the busiest entrepreneurs in India and is also the most active person on social media. The mega bahu and Apollo heiress keeps people updated on her daily routine including offering  health tips.

Upasana, who is the granddaughter of C. Pratap Reddy, founder of Apollo hospitals, is also the editor of a health magazine.

It's worth mentioning here that Upasana was once overweight and she worked hard to transformed herself to get fit. Once she achieved her health goals, she's now which shifted her focus to creating awareness among people by sharing her diet and workout routines. Upasana is married to Tollywood actor Ram Charan. After entering the Mega family, Upasana was trolled for being obese and it took a few years for her to get a slender look.

Upasana and Charan recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary during which, Upasana shared pictures of some special moments from their life. Charan too made her day  memorable by throwing a surprise birthday party. Yes, Upasana celebrated her birthday yesterday with her husband Ram Charan.

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From fat to fit, Upasana has completely transformed herself after her marriage to the actor. Here are some pictures of her to motivate you...

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