Will ​Nutan Naidu Or Shymala Re-Enter Bigg Boss 2?​

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Natural star Nani's Bigg Boss 2 Telugu is inching closer to forty days. A few more days left to complete the second season. Lots of things are happening and the show is getting more interesting by the day.

Names of several stars who could make a possible entry into the house are making the rounds.Raashi, Varun Sandesh and Viva Harsha are a few. The channel is in talks with them apparently to invite them to join the show.

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We hear that the Bigg Boss team is in touch with Anchor Shymala and Commoner Nutan Naidu ever since they got evicted from the house. It is learnt that one of them could be allowed to re-enter the house. If one of them enters the show then, the possible entry of a celebrity could be delayed. It's too early to talk about who will make a re-entry into the house. Any wild guessess? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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