Renu Desai Shares Holiday Picture With Future Husband

Renu Desai - Sakshi Post

Renu Desai has moved on and we are mighty pleased with the way she's handling her personal life. After much thought she decided to go for a second marriage. The actress cum director was earlier married to Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan. This time around, she has chosen an arranged marriage.

Renu recently for engaged to a businessman who is also said to be a divorcee. Although she did share pictures from her bethrotal ceremony, she did not reveal the full identity of her fiance after she was trolled heavily by anonymous fans claiming to be Pawan fans.

We already told you that Renu was going on a foreign holiday with her fiance and kids. Sure enough she did! What more? She has shared a happy picture with her future husband on her holiday. However, she still hasn't revealed his face in the picture. Renu Desai's fans however are happy that she has moved on and enjoying this phase of her life.

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