Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 33 Highlights: The task between the good and bad team continued on the third day in which the two teams tried to protect their apples from the opposite team.

As part of the Jail task, the team bad tried to send Roll Rida, Deepti, Deepti Sunaina to jail, but their efforts were foiled when the members of good team restricted them from doing it. However, the good team also tried to put Tejaswi into Jail.

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On the other hand, Bhanu was made to stand at the apple tree to safeguard the apples from being stolen. Kaushal who saw the black apples with Bhanu tried to steal them from her. However, she protected them from Kaushal and created a ruckus in the house alleging that Kaushal misbehaved with her while stealing black apples. Bhanu fired at the house captain for touching her inappropriately.

Meanwhile, Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri denied it. Geetha Madhuri intervened in the matter and told the contestants that it happened by accident while performing the task. Later, Bhanu too agreed to it and tried to explain to the housemates and Bigg Boss about it. She then apologized to Kaushal for her statement.

Fed up with the task, Tejaswi voluntarily went to jail to end it. The Bigg Boss announced that the task had been completed and declared the bad team as winners.

To elect the next captain, the Bigg Boss asked Kaushal to take the name of the worst performer in the task. As expected, Kaushal said that Bhanu did not play well in the task. The episode 33 of the show ended with Bhanu going to jail. And now, Deepti Sunaina and Geetha Madhuri are left in the captain race.

Watch this space for episode 34 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2.