Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 32 Highlights: It was another show of littering and tidying up on day 32, picking up from where the scene ended on day 31, it appeared. As it turns out, the bad guys and gals in the show are slightly ahead. Their team is leading the task with one point. The team bad, if you want to label them so, again continued with minor acts of brattish behaviour, including dumping cotton in the swimming pool and removing chairs from the dining table. They added to their anarchic behaviour by by throwing banana skin on the floor.

And the good team, since we're talking in binaries, again cleaned the house and swimming pool. Later the Bigg Boss announced another Apple-Jail task and Roll Rida was asked to read out about the game and its rules to the housemates. As a part of the task, an apple tree was installed in the garden which contained two colours of apple. Red apples are meant for the good team and black for the bad team. The task is to the apples accordingly and protect them from the rival team.

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In the Jail task, one of the housemates should be put into the jail by unlocking it. Bigg Boss told them the lock was kept on the table near the jail. Both the teams rushed towards it to get the key. However, the bad team succeeded in getting the key and tried to send Kaushal inside the house. But as Kaushal refused to go, they targetted Tanish. The contestants then began jostling each other. As the situation worsened, the good team staged a protest near the jail.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss told the contestants to continue the tasks for the next day and said that they have to put back the apples on the tree. The team which puts more apples on the tree will be declared as winners in the task.

On the other hand, Babu Gogineni tried to settle the conflict between the two teams saying that he would go to jail on the condition that the bad team should not touch the apples of the good team. The bad team agreed to this, but contestants Tanish and Kaushal who were in the good team, refused to accept the deal. If the deal gets accepted, the bad team gets two points and the good team gets one point.

Watch the space to know the winners of the task on episode 33 of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.