Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 31 Highlights: The luxury budget task was started yesterday and the housemates were divided into two groups which were named good people and bad people.

The good people had to do all the good work like cooking food, cleaning utensils, swimming pool and washrooms while the bad people were asked to foil all the good work.

The Bigg Boss also arranged three lotus flowers in the house to symbolise good. The task was for the bad group to destroy these flowers and good group to protect the flowers to emerge as winners of the task.

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The good team comprised Sunaina, Babu Gogineni, Roll Rida, Kaushal, Deepti, Nandini and Tanish. The remaining people Tejaswi, Samrat, Amit, Ganesh, Bhanu Sri, Geetha Madhuri were part of the bad team. There was also a dress code for both the teams where the good ones had to wear a white dress and the bad in black.

After the task begun, the bad team started their work of spoiling everything in the house. They threw paper pieces into the swimming pool while Roll Rida was cleaning it. They also destroyed the flowers in the house.

Fed up with bad team, the  good team locked them up in the living room to prevent their entry into the garden. Tanish and Deepti Sunaina turned guards to the garden. As the glass door of the garden was locked, several efforts were made by the bad team to enter the garden. But as they failed to unlock the door, Bhanu Sri pretended that she fell off the table and started screaming.

Hearing Bhanu's screams, Tanish and Deepti opened the glass door and the former lifted her thinking that the prank was true. Meanwhile, Samrat entered the garden and Bhanu Sri started laughing which shocked Tanish and Deepti Sunaina.

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