Sri Reddy, who was in the limelight after her protest against the existence of casting couch in Tollywood. She has now trained her guns at Bigg Boss 2 Telugu contestant and actor Samrat Reddy. The aspiring actress on Thursday shared her private Whatsapp chat with none other than Samrat and abused him for exploiting her with the promise of movie offers.

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The chat shows Samrat asking Sri Reddy to come on a date. A series of screenshots of the chat was posted on her timeline asking the actor to get ready for an attack with slippers and brooms after coming out of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. She says his estranged wife Harshita Reddy would not spare him. Samrat and Harshita Reddy got married in 2015 and parted ways after differences cropped up in 2017.

Earlier, Sri Reddy also targetted Bigg Boss 2 host Nani for sexually exploiting her. However, the controversy died down after Nani's wife Anjana intervened in the matter. And now, Sri Reddy has targetted Samrat who is an active participant on the show. On the other hand, Samrat has been linked to his fellow contestant Tejaswi on the show. The duo recently attracted the audience with their performance.

Will Sri Reddy's post come in the way of Samrat getting votes from the audience on the show? Will he be nominated for next round of elimination?

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