Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 30 Highlights: Anchor Shyamala disappointed the audience after her sudden elimination from the show. And this time the process for next elimination was changed. The highlight of the day 30 was installing a telephone booth in the garden of the house for the next round of elimination. All the contestants in the house were surprised to see the booth which boosted their excitement to carry out the task.

Tejaswi rushed towards the telephone booth on hearing the phone ringing. The call was made by Bigg Boss who nominated Tejaswi to the elimination round for answering the call. He also gave her a choice to escape saying she could if she made  Samrat get a clean shaven look. On learning, Tejaswi was in the danger zone, Samrat trimmed his beard and moustache. With this, Tejaswi was declared to be in safe zone by Bigg Boss.

It was at the beginning of show, Samrat had said that he would not like to trim his beard. With this, it seemed like the Bigg Boss targetted everyone's weakness in the house.

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Later Ganesh was called to answer the call, who is also in the elimination round. Bigg Boss then told him to make Babu Gogineni eat two bunches of coriander leaves to get out of the round. On Ganesh's request, Babu ate coriander leaves and let him out of danger zone. It's worth mentioning here that Babu Gogineni does not like coriander leaves. He has even once told a housemate that he removes the leaves from his curry back home.

Apart from the house captain Kaushal, all the contestants were asked to answer the call. Tanish was asked to make Deepti Sunaina cut her hair short to keep himself away from the elimination round. Sunaina cut her hair herself with scissors to make Tanish safe.

Meanwhile, Sunaina who was also in the elimination round was asked to make Deepti eat all the Bitter Gourd delicacies. Deepti ate all the dishes made with bitter guard including its juice to keep Sunaina safe from the eviction round. However, Deepti later vomitted it. Nandini was asked to please Bhanusri to throw all her clothes into storeroom and the latter did it.

Bigg Boss asked Roll Rida to convince Ganesh to eat only fruits this week and also request him to nominate himself for the elimination round this week. Ganesh agreed to it. Anchor Deepti was asked to make Kaushal to nominate himself for the round on the request of Bhanusri. But Kaushal did not agree for it and Deepti was sent to eviction round. Geetha Madhuri told Tejaswi to cut her favourite blanket into pieces to get herself out of the elimination round and Tejaswi agreed to do it.

Bhanusri too was sent to the elimination round as she failed to make Amit remove his head scarf. Deepti, Bhanu Sri and Ganesh were sent to elimination round.

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