Day by day, Telugu Bigg Boss 2 is getting more controversial, raising the curiosity levels of the viewers. The show has recieved a thumping response from viewers. It's a known fact that Bigg boss is ruled by controversies and Contestants who come on the show plan to fake a relationship or perform an eye catching stunt to attract viewers and also stay in the limelight.

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It is a known fact that those who stay away from controversial acts are eliminated first. Babu Gogineni is one of the contestants from the show who recently warned fellow contestants against speaking about Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina who were like siblings.

Going by a tweet on who is a hardcore fan of Mahesh Babu, MS Dhoni, YS Jagan and Bigg Boss Kaushal posted a tweet about Bigg Boss 2:

He posted a tweet saying Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina were caught kissing at midnight. And that the act clearly shows that Deepthi Sunaina doesn't have any sisterly instinct towards Tanish as they have been kissing each other at nights. We are not sure how far is this true. But, check out this tweet posted by Nikhil Reddy.

We are on the verge of learning about fourth week elimination. Let's wait and watch who will be evicted from the show thia time. Will it be a common man or a celebrity? The episodes to be aired today and Sunday will be interesting to watch as we get to know who will walk out of the house. Watch this space for more.