Divorce Was Pawan’s Decision: Renu Reveals Unheard Facts

Renu Desai - Sakshi Post

Actress turned director Renu Desai revealed some of the never before heard secrets about her personal life, divorce, her children and reasons for her second marriage in a recent interview "Chit Chat With Swapna".

The actress claimed the interview was not intended to portray Pawan as a negative character, but to let go of her past before starting a new relationship.

In a shocking revelation, Renu accused that Pawan Kalyan of fathering another child while being in relationship with her for 11 years.

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The actress cited harassment from Pawan fans and threat calls from anonymous persons as reason for secrecy of her second marriage. There is a lot of negativity in the air over my marriage so I don't want to reveal my fiancé's name, she pointed out. Although I am not going to marry an industry person, I can asure you that this is an arranged marriage, she affirmed.

Keeping in view Pawan Kalyan’s public image, I remained silent long about my personal life, she said. It was Pawan Kalyan’s proposal to go for divorce, she revealed. Both my kids, Akhira and Aadya, are happy to have a new person in the family, she said. She also added that Pawan Kalyan was a man of social responsibility, but things took an unexpected turn in his personal life.

I urge all women to be strong, and independent if divorced or estranged, she said.

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