Bigg Boss 2 Episode 27 Highlights: After entertaining the audience with the luxury budget task, the Bigg Boss invited nominations for the new captain on day 27 of Bigg  Boss season 2.

The Bigg Boss also made it clear that only winners of the Love Hostel task would get a chance to participate in the captain task. When he asked the housemates about the pairs who did well in the task, many of them took the names of Tejaswi - Samrat and Kaushal - Deepti. And this pair were declared heroes for the captain task. Excluding the heroes, remaining contestants were divided into villains and prisoners.

The task required the heroes to save those held captive from the villains who had tied them up to the chairs with a rope. The hero who rescues more number of prisoners would be made the new captain, they were told. If there was a tie between two heroes, they will have to imprison the villains. The hero who catches more number of villains would be declared as winner.

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The task seemed like a fight between the contestants who struggled to save the captives from th clutches of the villains. Finally, Kaushal was declared the winner of the task and made the new captain of the house.

On the other hand, Geetha Maduri was called into confession room and asked to perform a secret task by the Bigg Boss. As a part of the task, Geetha had to steal things of the housemates and put them in a post box. After completing the task, Bigg Boss made an announcement saying there was a thief in the house. He also asked them to find out the burglar.

Babu Gogineni made anchor Deepti to cry by saying she was spreading false rumours about the relationship between Tejaswi and Samrat. Deepti rushed to Shyamala, Geetha Madhuri and Nandini and broke down before them saying she never spoke bad about anybody.

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