SRK Daughter Suhana Khan Trolled For Bikini Pic On Instagram

Suhana Khan Instagram Picture - Sakshi Post

Instagram is a source that allows to peak inside the life of someone. Sometimes people love you for what you are posting on your social media but sometimes you can face a backlash if people don’t agree to what you did.

It is tough especially for celebrities. Super stars post a lot of Instagram stories and videos on their Instagram handle. One picture can pull them into a world full of controversies.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan's daughter doesn't seem to care two hoots to the fact that being a celebrity, things she casually does, could attract criticism. The latest instance of Suhana Khan getting into the news is the reaction to a photograph she uploaded on her Instagram account.

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Suhana posted a picture from Shah Rukh Khan's family holiday in Europe. In the photo, she is seen sporting a two-piece bikini. Shah Rukh's son Abram, is also seen in the picture.

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The reaction from trolls was fast and fierce. They accused Suhana of being immodest and insensitive to religious tradition as Muslim.

My hotty babeis ?❤

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However, Suhana Khan, who is not new to social media attention, has decided to ignore the trolls.

Shahrukh Khans Instagram is doing very good on the other hand. People have been loving him for what ever he has posted on his Instagram timeline or IGTV.

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