I Will Be In Touch with Pawan After Marriage: Renu

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Renu Desai is back in news. She recently grabbed the headlines for her engagement to a Maharashtrian, whose identity is yet to be revealed. She was not only flooded with congratulatory messages but also a lot of flak for her decision to begin a new innings. To stop fans from harassing Renu, even her former husband Pawan Kalyan shared a warm message on his Twitter timeline. However, Renu felt harassed and she decided to turn her Instagram settings to priovate while deciding to deactivate her Twitter account to avoid any backlash.

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However, she also decided not to let down her fans and thus held a live video chat show with fans with her good friend Swapna minutes after her engagement.

While fielding questions on her private life, engagement and kids...one of Pawan fans wanted to know if she would cut off ties with the power star, her former husband. Renu was quick to dispel his fears saying she had no option but to stay in touch with Kalyan as he was her kids' father and that the duo (Renu and Pawan) had to share the responsibility of bringing them up.

It's a known fact that Renu Desai was trolled on twitter and received threat calls from unknown people claiming to be fans of Pawan Kalyan when she officially made her engagement announcement.

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Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan worked together as lead couple in two films Badri and Johnny. Both the films turned out to be blockbuster hits at the box office. They got married in 2009 but due to diffferences, they parted ways in the year 2012. They have two children Aadhya Konidela and Akira Nandan.

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