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Amit served biryani to Kireeti, Ganesh and Roll Rida - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 20 Highlights: The season 2 of Bigg Boss Telugu has successfully completed twenty days. The 20th day of the show began with the task of electing house captain for this week. And for this, the Bigg Boss took the help of present captain Amit, who was asked to select foodies on the show. Amit took the names of Kireeti, Roll Rida and Ganesh.

Bigg Boss assigned a biryani task to these three contestants. The task required the participants to quickly eat biryani, the one to finish first or eat most will be the new captain of the house. The Bigg Boss also said that there was no time limit set for eating and Amit was entrusted with the responsibility of selecting the winner. Amit served biryani to the trio.

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After Kireeti and Ganesh failed the task, Amit declared Roll Rida as the next captain of the show.

Later, the Bigg Boss gave 200 points to everyone in the house for successfully completing the Sugarcane task. The housemates can use these points to purchase anything from the store. Bigg Boss then ordered the contestants to display a white board in the house on which the names of the grocery items are written along with the price.The contestants were asked to write the names of items they needed on the board based on the points they have.

On the other hand, Roll Rida, the new house captain was given a special offer by the Bigg Boss. He said that Roll Rida can utilize the appy drinks in the refrigerator and the captain room adding that no other contestant should use these drinks or enter the captain's room without Roll Rida's permission.

Then the punishment for those breaking the house rules was pronounced. Contestants who speak in english, don't use the mike or sleeping for long hours wil be punished. The contestant who repeatedly commits these mistakes will be sent to jail. Babu Gogineni and Tanish were sent to jail as per the Bigg Boss order.

Watch this space for episode 21 of Bigg Boss season 2.

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