Renu Desai Engagement Is Nobody’s Business: Sri Reddy Slams Critics  

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Once upon a time in the Telugu Film Industry, Renu Desai was one of the most sought after actors to play the leading lady. Renu Desai has worked in two films in Telugu and both with Pawan Kalyan one was Badri and anther Johnny. Both the films did good business at the box office. Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai got married in 2008 but separated in 2012. They have two children—Akira Nandan and Aadhya.

We already informed you that Renu Desai is looking forward to beginning a new chapter in her life. She recently shared her engagement picture with her mystery man, the love of her life whose identity is yet to be revealed.

It has been a few days since the engagement, but till now Renu Desai's would be husband's details aren't known. For the curious souls wanting to get a glimpse of Renu's husband-to-be, here you go.

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The worst thing was her happy moment was ruined by unidentified people, claiming to be fans of Pawan Kalyan, who trolled her on Twitter. Unable to bear the harassment the actress was forced to suspend her account.

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Not only did she deactivate her Twitter handle but also changed her Instagram to private to avoid negative vibes. In the meantime, to minimise damage and put an end to all the negativity, Power star Pawan Kalyan decided to step in and send a wholehearted message congratulating Renu Desai on her engagement. He shared a warm message on his Twitter handle.

And guess what? Renu received support from an unknown person. Sri Reddy who always targets Tollywood stars and directors came forward in support of Renu Desai. In a post, Sri Reddy slammed trollers and asked them to respect Renu's privacy.

"She got divorced at a very young age and we are none to talk about the reasons for it, as they are personal. We have no right to talk about her life," she said.

She further added, "But some people have fake accounts on Twitter and they don't even use their photos of their faces on their profiles. Who are they to torture her? She has been bringing up her kids in Pune. Does anyone know what kind of problems she is facing? None? Can anyone extend support, when she falls? No! When you can't help her, why are you interfering in her personal affairs?"

Check out Sri Reddy's post in support of Renu Desai

Earlier, Sri Reddy had made some sensational comments against Pawan Kalyan demanding to know why he wouldn't cast Telugu girls as leading ladies in his movies.

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