Snigdha Raju

The Janhvi Kapoor starrer ‘Dhadak’ released the much-awaited song, ‘Zingaat’, which is has been a much loved Marathi blockbuster of 2 years.

Ending with a steamy kiss, Here’s the exciting video:

The video screams a high production value, with warm lighting, synchronized dancers, a rich-looking set and the dapper looking leads.

The ‘point dance’ features some moves from the original Marathi version along with the now-out-of-trend and ridiculed dance move, the dab. Farah Khan, who supposedly took a retirement from her choreographing career, made a comeback and choreographed this song for her close friend Karan Johar. On the other hand, Janhvi, who was earlier criticized in the trailer for her acting skills, looks gorgeous and energetic in the Zingaat video.

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The Internet has been keenly observing this movie’s every move. The Marathi Zingaat which has almost become a cult film has followers who are critical about it’s Hindi remake. This song has been a crucial element to the late Sridevi daughter’s debut and there have been an array of reactions on the song adaptation.

While the producers have rightly titled the song ‘Zingaat Hindi’ respecting the original, the glamorized version lacks the rawness and the reality that exists in the Marathi version. This, yet again, shows the star system and the big studio-mode of production earlier seen in Classical Hollywood movies by the Dharma Productions Banner. The movie, with a mix of nepotism, starts look and feel almost dream-like on contrary to the original which portrays the reality of casteism and the village scenario in a believable light, educating the audience.

From the stark difference with the foreigner extras, the imported motorbike to the splendor bike, the kind of movie that Dhadak will be is quite evident.

Here’s the original Zingaat:

Bollywood lovers and showering the song with love while the netizens have started to trend the hashtag #ZingaatRuined and make memes on Twitter. Here are some reations:

The celebs are loving it and some fans strongly defending it:

So the question remains- Was the Dhadak Zingaat full of Zing or was #ZingaatRuined?