Nani’s Bigg Boss 2 Dirty Secret Out: Common Man Not Paid Remuneration

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Controversial TV reality show Telugu Bigg Boss 2 hosted by Telugu star Nani has become a hot topic of discussion in filmnagar circles ever since it was aired. It is a known fact that over the past couple of days, Bigg Boss 2 is receiving positive reviews from the audiences as well as evoking interest among the viewers with some interesting content. We all know that controversies start soon as elimination begins because that's when contestants evicted from the house spill the beans on what actually goes on in the show.

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Now, before we get into controversies, let's remind you that this the season 2 of Telugu Bigg Boss is seen with special interest for accepting the participation of common man.

So what's the Bigg Boss 2 telugu controversy all about?

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu controversy

But the latest we hear is that common man could spell trouble for the show. Rumors are flying thick and fast that Nani who is hosting the show is eliminating only common people over the last two episodes. This has created a storm on social media. Also, there's no remuneration for common man on Bigg Boss 2. On the other hand, there is a strong buzz that the TV channel has paid just the celebrities on the show. The common people who took part in the show have not ony been shown the door, but also not paid a single pie. Wonder how much each contestant on the show is reportedly being paid? Check the article below.

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The last two episodes of Bigg Boss 2 saw the elimination of two people—Sanjana and Nutan Naidu were evicted from the Bigg Boss House. Questions are being raised on the elimination of these two despite them doing well. Sanjana told a Telugu news channel that she was told before hand that she won't be paid a penny for appearing on the show and that she went only to get a feel of the Bigg Boss show. The Tv channel is reported to have told Sanjana that only celebrities will be paid money and not common man!

And both participants readily agreed to the condition. Sanjana also stated that she hans't received even a paisa from Big Boss. On the other hand, latest contestant to have been evited from the Bigg Boss 2 House, Nutan Naidu stated that he was not told anything about being paid. I don't have any idea about common man's package, he said, adding: "I don't need money but getting a chance is enough for me." He also revealed that he had signed a 29-page agreement where they asked his Bank and Cheque details. Although he wasn't paid at the time of elimination, he thanked them for giving a chance and said he would never asked about his pay cheque. On the other hand, Sanjana demanded to know why they were being categorised as common man? Sanjana also predicted that the next contestant to be evicted would most certainly be aother common man Ganesh. It's the presence of comman man which the audience will connect to on the show and not celebrities, she concluded.

What's your take on this? Are watching Big Boss everyday? Whom do you want to support—common man or celebrity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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