Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 16 Highlights

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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 16 Highlights: After the elimination of Nutan Naidu, Ganesh and Kaushal moved to a safe zone. Day 16 of Bigg Boss 2 began with nominations for the next round of elimination.

Meanwhile, the clash between Kaushal and Kireeti Dhamaraju ended after the latter apologized for his behaviour with the former. Tanish too hugged Kaushal and told him to forget all the disputes between them. The remaining contestants celebrated this by dancing to a folk song. Deepti Sunaina, Bhanu Sri, Shyamala and anchor Deepti rocked with their steps on the show.

Read: Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 16 Highlights

Later, the Bigg Boss gave some post cards to the contestants with different quotations written on it. He then asked them to match quotations which suits the participants. Some of the quotes included selfish, arrogant, foodie. Bhanu Sri got a card which read "Who is the next contestant to leave the show?" Without a second thought, she took the name of Ganesh.

On the other hand, the contestants were asked to nominate one housemate for the next elimination round. Ganesh and Kireeti got high number of votes and were moved to next elimination round. Along with the two, Geetha Madhuri, Bhanu Sri and Tejaswi were also nominated for the eviction round.

After the end of conflict between the men, Bhanu Sri and Nandini picked up a quarrel on the show which ended after the intervention of captain Tiwari who settled the matter.

Watch this space for episode 17 of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.

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