The fourth day of Bigg Boss season 2 turned out to be more interesting with 'Cheppandi Prabhu' task. While the servants team in the task seemed united, the members of the head team appeared unhappy with their teammates. Sanjana and Kaushal in the head team were enraged with their team members as they were treating the servants well.

The day began with a minor clash between Tejaswi and Geeta Maduri. Tejaswi also seemed cross with Kaushal for getting his body massaged by Bhanusree. However, Sanjana encouraged Kaushal to assign tasks to the servants' team. Over the issues with Sanjana and Kaushal, the head team is split into two groups.

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Sanjana and Kaushal organised a fashion show in the Bigg Boss house where the male members from the servants team were asked to dress up as women, and the female members were asked to dress up as men. And Babu Gogineni, who earlier disobeyed Sanjana's order again showed his clear lack of interest in the fashion show.

After the fashion show, the tasks were reversed for the two teams. Now, Sanjana's team turned into servants' team while Kireeti's team became the domineer. Kireeti is leading the team with anchor Shyamala as the official representative. Shyamala took on the role of assigning tasks to the servants team. Tejaswi was given the task of being mute in the house.

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On the other hand, Kireeti Damaraju was seen crying before a mirror and Roll Rida seen consoling him.

Let’s wait to see what happens on Day 5 and see who wins the Cheppandi Prabhu task.