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Valentine's day is celebrated as the day of love the world over in memory of St Valentine. While we are still digging in to find out more about its origin which we shall soon share in due course of time, here's a look at some soft romantic numbers in Hindi that will sure make your loved one sit up and take notice. Are you one of those who believes in mushy romance? Then this article will sure make your day. We bet by the end of this, you will want to scroll up and play back all the songs again. Wanna take a bet? Are you ready to check out my favourite list of Hindi love songs? Here you go...

1. Mohobbat Ho Na Jaye

The film's called Kasoor and is all about a lawyer defending a criminal falling in love with him. The song is the most underrated as it is worth a mention in romantic songs list.

2. Tere Liye

In a day and age where the feeling of love vanishes in seconds, here's a story of a couple who goes through hell trying to protect each other after separation. And when they meet years later what has changed is the presence of only a few strands of grey hair. To say the song is set in a courtroom makes it even more unique. This is my all-time favorite.

3. Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai

Salman Khan an Madhuri send temperatures soaring in this romantic number. The song situation, the place its picturised, their costumes, the song all of it makes it a must add to the love songs list.

4. Mere Rang Main

The song draws inspiration from the hit English track The Final Countdown. Yet the hindi version has its own charm. A young boy throwing a surprise birthday bash to his lover at the strike of midnight on the terrace of his house. The song is in a different league altogether.

5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

The movie was a disaster, at least that's what I think. (Every person is entitled to his opnion, yeah?) That apart this title track has such lyrics that it is sure to touch your loved one's heart. Amazing song I must say.

6. Deewani Mastani

A love-sick girl pouring her heart out in a song to woo a maratha prince in an open court that also includes his insecure wife is something nobody can think of. And Deepika looks drop-dead-gorgeous as Mastani and the way she seduces Ranveer in an open court is to be watched to be believed. I don't mean in any sleazy way because like they say 'Samajhne walon ko ishara kaafi hai'.

7. Zara Zara

One of the most romantic numbers of all times. Bombay Jayashri has nailed it! What a song. Madhavan being wooed by his lady lady Dia Mirza is something unforgettable. The song has remained on top of the charts ever since the audio was released. There's no question of getting bored with this song ever. And the music of this film became such a hit that every language in which the movie was dubbed and remade into used the same number and bettered the lyrics each time.

8. Deewana hua badal

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And in this song we don't have to name the beauty as the dimple-faced actress is clearly visible and Shammi Kapoor singing praises of her in his trademark style takes the song up a notch. An evergreen classic romantic number not to be missed.

9. Lag Ja Gale

Lata Mangeshkar has rendered countless songs and each one is better than the other. Her songs particularly from the golden ear are to die for. This is one such song.

10. Mere Hath main

When Kajol made a comeback in Fanaa with Aamir Khan, never did fans expect their chemistry to work. Just this one song is enough to make you go 'fanaa' (if you know what I mean. A lovey song and Sonu Nigam it is guys so what more can one ask for?

So, that was my list of favorites for now even though I have many more on my music player, but can't add them all. Do you have your personal favorite? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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