Top 10 Romantic Movies In Kannada To Watch This Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Romantic Movies In Kannada - Sakshi Post

Romance is so dreamy and is best depicted in movies. And Kannada movies are no exception. Sometimes we get so blown away by romantic scenes in movies that you so want to fall in love over and over again and almost always, with the same person. Isn't it? Well, yes we all want our relationships to be rock solid and an example for others to follow. And with Valentine's Day round the corner, we thought we should talk about some romantic movies that you can watch with your Valentine. Ready then? Here's our list of top 10 Kannada movies that you must watch with your special someone.

Top 10 Romantic Movies in Kannada

A still from Yeradu Kanasu

1. Yeradu Kanasu- An all-time Kannada classic which was made in other languages too. The film featured matinee idol Dr Rajkumar, Kalpana and Manjula in the lead role and explored the pain of losing the love of your life and how some times you do get a second chance! Don't miss it!

A still from Amrutha Varshini

2. Amrutha Varshini- The film was a master piece featuring Suhasini, Ramesh Aravind and Sharath Babu. A film exploring the love story between an elderly couple and how their lives are entwined so much so that they can feel each other even in their absence. Their thoughts are perfectly matched and talk of telepathy. This film has the answers. A great story not to be missed. A tragic one though!

A still from Mungaru Male

3. Mungaru Male- A film that broke all records and also established golden star Ganesh as a great actor. The tv show host was till then seen in side roles and comedy films, but it was Mungaru Male which made Ganesh not only a household name but also the most sought-after actor. Mungaru Male was a cult film which set a new benchmark in South cinema. The film was dubbed into Telugu as Vaanam. Featuring Pooja Gandhi, the film was the tragic story of a guy who believed in love at first sight. A film not to be missed.

A still from Amrutha Daare

4. Amrutha Daare-how do you measure a person's love? Well, see to what extent he goes to prove his love to you. No, we don't mean in wrong ways like stealing or committing suicide but rather pushing himself to make you happy. In this movie, Dhyan is madly in love with his wife who is diagnosed with a terminal disease. But he decided to make her last days memorable by taking her on a tour of India and arranging a surprise meeting with her favorite star Amitabh Bachchan. Ramya aka Divya Spandana is a treat to watch in this film. An awesome film!

A still from Simple Aag Ondhu Love Story

5.Simple Aag Ondhu Love Story- imagine using all your charm and energies to woo a girl and getting her acceptance only to realise later that she doesn't remember a thing from the previous day? Oh, watch it to know more. Rakshith Shetty is the best actor here!

A still from Prema Loka

6. Prema Loka- Another cult film loosely based on the English flick Grease. The film marked the debut of Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla. The film is all about college life and the adolescent ways of living. Watch it to find out. While the music score is a plus, so is lead actor Ravichandran's acting.

A still from Janumada Jodi

7. Janumada Jodi- Set in a rural backdrop, the film featured Shivarajkumar and Shilpa. The film is all about failed love but getting it back if your feeling is strong. The film kindles hopes and the music is amazing.

A still from Om

8. Om-A film which broke all records at the box office. Featuring Shivarajkumar and Prema as the lead couple, the film explored the difficulties faced by youth who are led astray and how it becomes impossible for them to get back to leading normal lives.

A still from Mathe Hadithu Kogile

9. Mathe Hadithu Kogile-comedy and romance is what this film is all about. Featuring Vishnuvardhan, Bhavya and Roopini in lead roles the film has a unique love story which you must watch to find out.

A still from Beladingala Bale

10. Beladingala Bale-based on a novel, the film is about a chess player and his love for a girl who plays hide and seek with him. She gives him a lot of moral boost after he loses a match. Although they communicate only over the phone and she gives him enough chances to find her whereabouts by the time he does, it's too late. Watch this film featuring Anantnag and Suman Nagarkar to find out more.

This was our list of favourite love stories. You have any more to add to this Kannada film list, pls do in the comments section below.

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