Agnyaathavaasi, one of the most hyped Telugu movies in the recent times hit theatres yesterday. The film has invited a lot of bad publicity in the recent days, thanks to the Largo Winch plagiarism controversy.

While the makers have chosen not to respond on the entire copy controversy, reports surrounding the same refuse to die down. We already told you that the director of the French film, Jerome Salle was closely watching developments so much so that he even went ahead and watched the Telugu film.

He remarked that he would have liked the film if not for the starking similarities with his film.

But that didn't stop the makers from getting their profits back. The film raked in a whopping $1 million from the US premieres alne. The latest collections stand at INR 100 crores. There were reports that the Bollywood production company T series which holds the remake rights of Largo Winch had settled the dispute with the makers for a whopping INR 10 crore, if reports doing the rounds are anything to go by. However, the director, after watching the film and being witness to the kind of moolah the film was raking in said that a mere deal with T series wasn't enough.

The film opened to negative reviews with critics saying it was a bad copy of the original movie. And every possible media is playing up the story urging the director to take action. A latest Forbes report stated that the next course of action will be determined by how aggressively the Largo Winch makers will pursue the matter to which the director replied in the affirmative.

Does it mean Jerome Salle will bring a legal injunction to stop the screening of Agnyaathavaasi in theatres worldwide? For now, we are gonna wait and watch!