Los Angeles: Jennifer Lawrence has gifted a toy luxury car to reality TV personality Kris Jenner as a Christmas present. Jenner, 62, took to Instagram to thank the "mother!" actor for the mini Porsche and praised her sense of humour in the post.

"My BFF Jennifer Lawrence asked me what I wanted for Christmas and of course I said a Porsche, DUH. My girl didn't disappoint. Thank you Jen I love you!" she wrote alongside the picture of the car and Christmas festivities. Lawrence has been tight with Jenner after the matriarch surprised the Oscar-winning actor with a cake on her birthday a few years ago.

The actor recently admitted she is a huge fan of the show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", which also features Jenner. Lawrence had earlier said she used to binge watch the reality TV series to cope with the stress of filming her film "mother!". (PTI)