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Raju Gari Gadhi 2, the official remake of the super hit Malayalam film Pretham hit theatres worldwide today. After the success of the film Raju Gari Gadhi, the makers waited for some time and launched this second part. There is absolutely no connection between the two, but the makers just used the name and brand to probably lure the audiences to the theatres. Nagarjuna and Samantha play key roles in the film. Ohmkar is the director. Here's what we think of the movie


Three friends (Ashwin Babu, Vennela Kishore, Praveen) start a business by purchasing a posh resort. They get a lot of guests to their resort and very soon it creates new hopes to the trio in expanding their business. In the process, a gorgeous girl Suhanisa (Seerat Kapoor) comes there with her friends and as the days pass, the trio finds something mysterious about Suhanisa only to realize later she's a ghost. They approach a mentalist named Rudra to solve the mystery. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Akkineni Nagarjuna, Samantha and Rao Ramesh are three actors who have given their best to the film. All these three are a big treat to watch in the movie. Samantha and Nagarjuna manage to impress in all the scenes. Their screen presence draw a round of applauuse from the audience. (Perhaps the marriage effect?. The trio Vennela Kishore, Ashwin Babu and Praveen have played their parts well but fail to leave a mark. Seerat Kapoor fills in for the lack of glamor but her role ends there. Abhinaya is good in her role and the other actors make their presence felt.

Technical Values:

The camera work by Diwakaran is impressive. The colours and framing are all perfect. The editing is sharp and the scene transition looks better than what we regularly see in horror films. A lot of care has been taken in terms of the technicalities. The crisp run time indeed makes the movie tolerable. SS Thaman's BGM is a major highlight of the film which elevates key sequences. The VFX work is brilliant. The wait and delay in the film's release is worth the output we see on the screen. The production values from PVP Cinema is rich.



Sam & Nag Scenes




Comedy fails to evoke a laugh

Slow Beginning


Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is a one-time watch. The performances will remain the highlight of the movie.

The director's approach to the script is appreciable. The film though touted to be a horror comedy turns out to be an emotional one in the end. The emotional quotient of the film is also within the limits and results in no boredom.

Rating: 2.75