Cast: Ishaan,Mannara Chopra,Angela Krislinzki, Thakur Anoop Singh

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Music: Composer: Sunil Kashyap

Producer: CR Manohar

Genre: Action Romance

Director Puri Jagannadh has off late hit a rough patch. ‘Temper’ of 2015 was his last hit. ‘Ism’ which also released last year disappointed. So, Puri Jagannadh pinned all his hopes on Rogue, released on March 31st. Will this movie be his comeback vehicle? Let's find out...

Mannara and Ishaan in a still from the film
Mannara and Ishaan in a still from the film


Fresher Ishaan has been introduced as the lead actor. He plays Chantigadu, a man of the streets. He and his girlfriend (Angela Krislinzki) are love birds who promised to stick together no matter whatever difficultires and challenges. But to Chanti’s chagrin, he finds his lady love has married someone. To disrupt the wedding, he shoots a constable at the wedding venue and paralyses him.

Chanti goes to jail and when he comes out, he realises that the family of the constable he shot at, is in dire straits. So, he turns Good Samaritan. Then he encounters constable's sister Anjali (Mannara Chopra) and finds that villain Thakur Anoop (Anoop Singh) is harassing her. How he saves her and wins her over forms the story.


Debutant Ishaan’s screen presence strikes a chord with audience. He is the quintessential guy-next-door. As shown in trailer, the two actresses upped hotness quotient with their ultra glamorous avatars. A known face to Telugu audience, Mannara Chopra fits the bill. She is successful in portraying her innocence.


Puri has always chosen love stories with a mass element. The filmmaker chose a good story but his screenplay has floundered. He should understand that only a strong script with good screenplay will work with the audience.

Film’s baddy Anoop is perfect but technicians ensure that he doesn't shine. Also, after interval the film becomes a tad sluggish. Certain portions could have been chopped off and Ali’s comedy fails to impress.


Coming to production, exotic locales, and cinematography are good. Editing was poorly handled. It is hard to believe that Puri, who delivered the biggest hit ‘Pokiri’ ‘Temper’, made this movie.


Rogue trailer is appealing but the movie is a complete downer.