Endorsing Condoms is Social Responsibility: Rakhi Sawant 

Rakhi Sawant - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant has become the face of Beboy Condoms. The actress, who is mostly surrounded by controversies, says the country needs more condom ads and promotions, and endorsing the brand is like engaging in a social activity.

"I feel great becoming the face of Beboy Condoms. I feel we need more condom advertisements and promotions. It will help to reduce the number of victims of sexual diseases. I don't know how people are going to judge me but for me, it's no less than any social activity," Rakhi said in a statement.

Protection, she says, is important but so is pleasure. "Luckily, condoms offer both. They come in lots of different styles, shapes and textures. I feel we need to understand that the topic of sex is not embarrassing but really helpful in preventing rape cases and all," she said.

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