Employees fake pregnancy to fleece Govt

Employees fake pregnancy to fleece Govt - Sakshi Post

A bizarre scam that has seen the light of the day has surprised the officials and the bureaucrats alike. Several government employees have been taking six month maternity leave and are drawing their salaries without working during this period. But, the employee in question has not just faked her pregnancy to avail maternity benefits, she had also lied that her baby died nine days after birth.

Aiding the corrupt employees are government doctors, who are creating certificates confirming pregnancy for a price. The scam came to light when a teacher from Srikakulam availed maternity leave faking pregnancy. The collector, who inquired into the issue, found that the employee managed to furnish a fake certificate from a government doctor of the designation of assistant civil surgeon. when the purview of enquiry was extended, it was revealed that there were hundreds of such cases.

An inquiry has been ordered into the scam. The doctor who issued spurious certificate has now reportedly approached a minister in AP government seeking help to wriggle out of the problem.

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