Vijayasai Reddy Writes To Governor About Chandrababu’s Comments

V Vijayasai Reddy and N Chandrababu Naidu - Sakshi Post

V Vijayasai Reddy a former MP and National general secretary of the YSR Congress party (YSRCP) had written to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh ESL Narsimhan, requesting to take action against The CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu, over undermining the Election Commission’s decision on replacing the Chief Secretary.

Here is a copy of the letter sent to the Governor:

Please recall the decision taken by the Election Commission of India, a few days ago to replace the then Chief Secretary AC Punita by LV Subramanyam, the present Chief Secretary. Punita, instead of rendering an appropriate advice to the Chief Minister on whether the State intelligence Wing comes under the purview of the Election Commission of India when Model Code of Conduct is in force or not, issued multiple orders that were not in consonance with the Commission's directions and even became a tacit party to the State filing a case against the Commission that was eventually disallowed.

In this context, it is reported that Nara Chandrababu Naidu went to the extent of belittling the ECI appointed Chief Secretary by calling him a "co –accused" and someone who worked as "covert agent", a comment that had the indirect effect of defaming LV Subramanyam and intimidating all those civil servants acting under the oversight of the Commission when Model Code of Conduct is in force.

The comments are derogatory, detrimental to the authority of ECl, besides hurting the morale of civil servants at all levels working as part of the Election establishment. Such comments tend to be little the democratic traditions of the country and demean the authority of the commission which is acting in pursuance of the authority conferred on it by article 324 of the constitution. Moreover, what Nara Chandrababu Naidu has reportedly stated effectively meant defiance of the Commission's authority while causing defamation of the commission itself. There is also every possibility that the Chief Minister might even victimize the civil servants who obey the orders of the commission during the elections ignoring the interim chief minister's orders.

Under the circumstances, we believe that His Excellency, the Governor 01 Andhra Pradesh should ask the ECI to initiate a case against Nara Chandrababu Naidu immediately under the relevant provisions of the Representation of Peoples Act and the Indian penal Code, especially those provisions that relate to criminal defamation. This is imperative as a deterrent measure to ensure that the commission can exercise its authority undeterred under article 324 of the constitution.

Further, we bring to your kind notice another important issue relating to state finances. It is learnt that nearly Rs.32,OOO crores bills relating to last financial year are pending for clearance. There is every possibility that the interim Government might resort to clearance of many unbudgeted and unimportant bills favoring media houses, their party workers etc., without following seniority (of pending bills). The basic principle in clearing bills is first come first serve, which the interim Government is likely to violate.

It is also likely, that the interim Government might resort to taking decisions deliberately that would financially burden the incoming Government. It is therefore essential that His Excellency should step in at this crucial juncture and issue directions to the Chief Secretary to freeze all the pending bills except essentials relating to salaries, wages, electricity, water charges etc., till the new Government assumes charge- We believe that His Excellency has an important role to play during this transition period in arresting administrative excesses that could cripple the state financially.

While reposing our full confidence in His Excellency, we request to kindly intervene and instruct the Chief Secretary for urgent steps to arrest misuse of authority by the interim Government.

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