AP, Telangana: No Booze For Two Days

Representational Image - Sakshi Post

Elections campaigns in the two Telugu States had come to a close on April 9 as directed by the election Commission (EC). The elections are scheduled to take place on Thursday which is the April 11, for which the EC has made all the arrangements.

There will be no liquor sold till the evening of the elections. It was directed that liquor sale be stopped on the evening of Tuesday, and for it to continue till 6pm of April 11. if any sort of liquor sale is witnessed within this time, strict action will be taken.

They have also implemented section 144 across the states. The police officers said that these orders will be in force from Tuesday 6 pm to Thursday 6 pm till the polling process is completed. Five or more assembling in one place is banned during these days. The police have also closed down wine shops for the three days.

Orders have been received by the Excise department to keep shut all the liquor shops till the election process is complete. Bar and restaurants, toddy shops, military canteens will be kept close in line with the orders.

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