TDP Leaders Are Political Extremists: GVL

General secretary of the BJP and Rajya Sabha member, GVL Narasimha Rao - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: Former chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh and BJP leader, IYR Krishna Rao said that the people of Mangalagiri have a good opportunity to reject dynastic politics and elect a capable public representative.  Krishna Rao addressed mediapersons here on Thursday along with general secretary of the BJP and Rajya Sabha member, GVL Narasimha Rao.  Mullaghree occupied an important position in the April 11 elections and Nana Lokesh was out to wrest the seat using his money power and misusing official position.

The people of the constituency must realize that Lokesh is an outsider who does not have an insight into local problems, said GVL Narasimha Rao.  He added that the TDP candidate and Chandrababu Naidu’s son had chosen Mangalagiri to turn it into a centre of his real estate business and thereby conceal his black money amounting to thousands of crores. The BJP leader pointed out that Lokesh had invested a lot of black money in Mangalagiri and that he had no love lost for the area.

In the name of development, Nara Lokesh was trying to fool the people of Mangalagiri, he added. GVL further said that Nara Lokesh was not naïve as some people thoughtm but was a nodal point of corruption and several irregularities. It was important for people of Mangalagiri to protest against someone like the TDP candidate. He took serious objection to the manner in which TDP leaders obstructed the raids conducted by income tax department on the house of Putta Sudhakar Yadav, the TTD chairman. GVL demanded that cases be registered against those who obstructed the free functioning of IT officials and described TDP leaders as political extremists.

The ruling TDP had politicized TTD completely and Putta Sudhakar must resign immediately from his post, GVL demanded. He questioned Chandrababu’s motive behind appointing a person who encouraged the propagation of other faiths. GVL concluded by saying that April 11 polls would signal the last election for TDP which would not even be eligible for the status of an opposition party.

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