Election 2014: Let the count down begin!

Election 2014: Let the count down begin! - Sakshi Post

Time, it would seem, has stopped still for the netas, as they are all waiting with bated breath, for results that would show where they stood vis a vis their electorate.For politicians, every minute has started feeling like an hour, and every hour like a day, with the agonizing wait turning them restless.

On Friday, people's verdict will be out, and it will be known who will wear the mantle of governance and who will be sitting in the opposition. 
As per repots, some leaders' phones are ringing off the hook, with reports, counter reports, wishes and the like coming in. 

The counting will start at 8 am amid tight security. The first hints of results will start trickling in within half an hour. By one, noon, a clear picture of the winning party will emerge. 

The results of the local body polls were unable to indicate voting trends as in both regions, the urban voters favored one party while rural voters favored another.

Friday will decide the fate of many a politician. It will also decide how many new faces will enter into Assembly and Parliament halls.


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