Eid is special in the Nawabi city

Eid is special in the Nawabi city - Sakshi Post

  While today will be just like any other Eid for the Muslim community, for those living in Hyderabad it's a feast literally.

Irrespective of the community one belongs to, it's always a visual treat for Hyderabadis at this time of the year. Not that the month gone by was anything less. Perhaps no other place in India is so vibrant like mana city durung the holy month of Ramzan.
While, the Muslim community sticks to strict adherence of five-time namaz and roza, tor the others it's celebration all through the month.
One must visit the Charminar area to experience it. Most parts of the old city — say the Charminar and the Begum bazaar area comes to life with lightings. The city too is decked up in festive glory. It's not a big deal to find shopping malls full during the monsoons with thousands thronging the place to make the most of the offers and bargains.
However, one must visit the old city areas during the Ramzan. The crowd and variety there will far surpass the numbers in the mall. You will find every possible thing there. You name it and it's there!
Perhaps the fabulous thing to do would be to go to the top of Charminar around Iftar time and watch the muslims break their fast at the Mecca Masjid — It's a magnificent view.
Ramzan in Hyderabad is synonymous with Haleem. You will find a haleem store in every nook and corner of the city. Night bazaar is another experience exclusive to the city.
A month has passed and how! While the muslim community in the city are happy to have successfully finished another year of fasting and prayers, for the others it's gonna be an year's wait to enjoy the season's best things again.
However, the city denizens aren't complaining much. For now, Hyderabadis are enjoying the best of Eid — Biryani, Sheer Korma, Qubani ka meetha, Haleem not to forget the end of season street shopping that are offering stuff at throwaway prices, artistic mehndi counters and most importantly people giving you a Eid Mubarak hug!




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