Interesting Christmas Facts You Would Have Never Guessed

Interesting Christmas Facts You Would Have Never Guessed - Sakshi Post

After waiting the whole year, the nights are back to being chilly, The streets get darker faster, and the lights come on. The feeling when you have approached the Christmas season and the run-up to the Christmas day only keeps getting better and better.

We have now entered into the Christmas week and it’s just a couple of days before Chrismas, We have curated a whole list of interesting facts and myths

Have a look at top 10 Interesting Christmas Facts that you probably might not know about Christmas.

1) December 25 is not the Birth Date of Jesus Christ

Bible doesn't give a specific date for the birth of Jesus Christ, but the date December 25th was chosen to make Christmas coincide with the ancient pagan festival Saturnalia.

2) What Do Traditional Christmas Colors Symbolise?

Have you ever wonder why only the colors of Red, Green and Gold are mostly used in Christmas decorations. Because they symbolises the blood of Jesus, life and rebirth, light, royalty and wealth.

What Do Traditional Christmas Colors Symbolise?

3) Jingle Bells is not a Christmas Song

Jingle Bells' classic song sung at Christmas time is not a Christmas song it's a Thanksgiving song. It was written by James Lord Pierpont, to be sung on Thanksgiving — not Christmas

4) Biggest Christmas Gift In the World

The Statue of Liberty was a Christmas gift to the US by the French on Christmas day 1886

Biggest Christmas Gift In the World

5) First Song Composed In Space was a Christmas song

The first song which was Composed and recorded on space was also a Christmas song

6) First Christmas Tree was made of Toilet Brushes

The first mass-produced artificial Christmas the tree was made of toilet brushes, after which the ADDIS company has made that Christmas tree that can hold ornaments after which Christmas tree has been made indifferent styles.

7) Japan Eats Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas

For every Christmas season, around 3.6 million Japanese families eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, and now it has become a nationwide tradition

8) Christmas used to be illegal in the United States.

Christians themselves banned celebrating joyous religious holiday Christmas in America for several decades believing it was an insult to God to honor a day associated with ancient paganism.

9) Break Up Time before Christmas

According to a survey most of the newly wedded couples break up two weeks before the eve of Christmas.

10) The first song ever broadcasted from Space was Jingle Bells on December 16, 1965

The Christmas Tree became fashionable due to Celebrity Culture

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