Things To Expect After Parents Become Your Facebook Friends

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Today, Facebook and Twitter have largely shaped into alternative media for developing and keeping up social and cultural relationships. These days children tend to complain about the pressure they face from parents to add them on Facebook. Should kids befriend their parents on social media? If they do, what are some of the expectations kids are likely to have?

· In the fast changing world, parents have every right to know about what their children are doing, where they are going, who they are hanging out with and so. Facebook can be the best medium to get the required information.

· At the same time, children might also feel uncomfortable if their parents keep them surveillance of sorts..

· Children might also expect their parents not to comment or criticize on any of their posts

· They tend to feel as if they have lost their independence after adding their parents on Facebook.

· Most of the time children expect their parents to enjoy offline relationship rather than online contact.

· They might feel embarrassed and humiliated if they are not allowed to enjoy privacy.

· It will result in daily arguments between the parents and their kids and the relationships may get hampered due to the misunderstandings.

· Children might feel psychologically stifled after adding their parents on Facebook because they might rethink about sharing or posting something. This could even lead them to creating anonymous online accounts.

Conclusion:  There are many pros and cons of adding parents on Facebook. Some families are dysfunctional than others, and those that are dysfunctional in real life tend to have issues on Facebook, as well.

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