Gandhiji’s Controversial Brahmacharya Experiments With Manuben Was To Test His Celibacy

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Mahatma Gandhi's approach to sex was candid and at times controversial. He spoke at meetings with followers about the need for celibacy and even suggested that couples stay away from sex after marriage, a thought which Jawahar Lal Nehru found unnatural and abnormal. A few of his experiments with his sexuality known as Brahmacharya experiments centered around sleeping with young naked women by his side. This included most prominently his grandniece known as Manuben aks Mrudula Gandhi, his nephew's Kanthi Gandh's daughter.

Manuben's Diaries which came to light many years after her death and Mahatma Gandhi's assassination gives some interesting insights into the Mahatma's celibacy experiments. In Gandhi's own words, he had accepted vows of celibacy or Brahmacharya in 1906 when he was in South Africa. He had discussed the issue with his wife Kasturba before taking this decision at the age of 37.

Decades later, the Mahatma decided to put his celibacy to test as he discussed in some of his meetings and as revealed by Manuben's diaries. Running into over 2000 pages in Gujarati, her diaries tracing Gandhiji's experiments with his sexuality through the early 40s.

While Manuben remains devoted to bapu through all these years, acting as his personal attendant, massaging and bathing him in addition to cooking for him. The diaries also reveal the jealousy which broke out among women followers of Bapu who wanted to be a part of his experiments with celibacy.

Interestingly, Gandhi's secretary Pyarelal who was about three decades older than her would hit on her on several occasion with his sister Susheela Nayar, Gandhiji's physician pleading his case. However, six months before India achieved Independence Manuben wrote in her diary that he considered Pyarelalji as her elder brother and nothing else.

Gandhiji's experiments with his own sexuality in the form of Brahmacharya experiments will remained a source of enduring mystery for generations. It is believed that a lot of first hand material with regard to these experiments have been destroyed by some of his close relatives and followers.

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