Is Your Husband Cheating On You? Signs That A Wife Should Not Ignore If She Wants To Save Marriage

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Husband-wife relationships are cemented by trust. Marriage, from times immemorial has been considered a sacred instition with no space for violation of trust. However, betrayal of that trust in the form of cheating is also as old as history.

Have there been times when this has bothered you about your husband. There are tell tales of a husband cheating is wife. These are tell tale signs a wife should not ignore if she wants to save her marriage.

Periodicity of sex comes down drastically

Even when you reach out for physical contact, he tends to cringe or turn away

The husband appears increasingly aloof and secretive

He spends hours in the washroom with his mobile phone

If he gets a call, he steps out of ear shot to make sure you are not privy to his conversation

His whatsapp data is cleared and sanitized or fiercely protected

He returns home late every other day and blames it on pressure at workplace

He hardly calls you and doesn't respond to your calls. However, his phone is busy all the time and if you get through to him, he sounds irritated and snaps at you

He doesn't eat dinner cooked for him at home and makes up all kinds of excuses

He spends on children out of a sense of guilt

His clothes smell of new fragrances and could even bear the odd lipstick stain

His pocket could have flight tickets to destinations you didn't know he had been to

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