Until you choose to leave this physical world behind, your body IS your home. It is where your consciousness resides. It was uniquely created with just the right amount of everything, so that it might fit you perfectly, for the rest of your life. The whole world will tell you to protect it and take care of it. This is not one of those.

Your body is a physical reflection of your soul. Every crevice, stretch mark or scar tells the tales of your experiences, memories and strength.

Your body is a book that only you can read.

Our bodies speak a different language than our minds do. Each language is unique to the person residing within. It is therefore extremely important to develop a healthy relationship with your body. In any relationship the most important element is communication.

When your body is in discomfort, whether its illness, aches and pains or chronic issues, do you wish there was a way to make it all stop without taking a handful of medicines?

Do you wish you had more control over your body?

You can. It all starts with communication.

We are much more connected to our bodies than we realise. People like Louise Hay, Dr Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle have explored and written extensively about this Mind-Body connection. In fact, many words and expressions with which we describe psychological conditions and processes are borrowed from what we have experienced with our bodies.

Each time our body falls ill or goes through some dysfunction is it something we look at as wrongness or is there a message our body is trying to give us? What if it isn’t a problem to be solved but an opportunity to pay attention to our inner dynamics?

What thoughts, conflicts and fears were we engaging in? Was there some piece of news or a change or demand of life that is affecting us?

It is a very known fact that a physical symptom canbe a manifestation of something that is repressed. Acute symptoms like cold and cough, diarrhea, headache or injuries tend to crop up at certain precise times. What is really happening with your mental and emotional wellbeing at that time?

All you need to do is listen to what your mind is projecting onto your body.

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions tend to manifest into physical symptoms quite often. For example, the feeling of being unable to express your opinions and feelings in your relationship or work place can manifest into a throat infection or a cough etc.

It’s interesting how linguistic relationships and associations reveal the overall pattern.

So when something shows up in your body why don’t you try asking it, “Body, what’s the message you are giving me through this?” Ask, ‘what is this symptom stopping me from doing?’ The answers will lead you to a central theme connected to the ‘dis-ease’ or symptom.

You will get the awareness about what is really tipping your inner balance and harmony and taking away the joy and ease of living life.

Do more than just reside within your body!

Incase you require further assistance with building a closer relationship with your body feel free to contact the author who is a Mind-Body Wellness Coach and an Integrated Therapist. She is also the founder of Sanctuary of life and can be reached on haripriya@sanctuaryoflife.co

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