Haripriya Naresh

Life often seems to resemble one of those 1000-piece puzzles. Its tiny intricate pieces can be overwhelming. Sometimes pieces that do not match still fit together, but that doesn’t mean they are in the right place to complete the puzzle.

Just when we feel we have figured it out, something changes and throws us off balance again. What if life is not meant to be figured out or accurately fit together? What if we are not meant to be perfect at it? What if we have been trying to solve this puzzle called ‘Life’ when it isn’t a puzzle at all?

In fact, it is quite simple.

In our country, commercial films have always gained more popularity as compared to Art films. We like the elevated story and drama. The unrealistic elements add an excitement that most of us gravitate towards. Sometimes, this is even replicated in our own lives.

So here’s an invitation! What if today, We Change Our Perspective?

Is it possible to look at everything that shows up in life, whether it’s certain situations, circumstances, roles that we play, demands and expectations, all the crazy things that unexpectedly pop up, as just Experiences for us to learn from? These learningscan actually enrich our journey and come to use at a later stage in our lives.

What if from today we choose to not get caught up in the story, drama or trauma of life? Are you aware of how we make a big deal about things and cook up stories in our head when we see or hear something? Do you often succumb to the tiny voice in your head that is not always on your side? Like the big bindi aunties always stirring up trouble in TV serials.

You don’t have to anymore.

You can give up the commercial film in life and save it just for the TV screen. Especially since it’s only creating more stress and strain in your life. Operating from doubt, worry, fear and guilt is not changing the situation or the person on the other end.

So how about we change that perspective?

We may not totally have control over what happens to us, however, we have 100% control over how we choose to look at it?

So from today go through every moment of the day experiencing things for the experience of it. When your mind throws thoughts at you, that are taking away your joy, Silence it.

Focus on what you are getting to learn from situations. How those learning’s about life, people and even yourself will equip you to strengthen your wings to take those long flights in life towards your progress and growth.

When things don’t play out the way you want it to, you get the opportunity to create it for yourself. What if the word ‘problem’, did not exist? What if every time your mind comes up with that word, you replace it with the word ‘opportunity.’ Then, every problem can be transformed into an ‘opportunity to be addressed,’ an ‘opportunity to be resolved,’ or an ‘opportunity to be looked into?’

You can change so much about your life today.

It only takes one little change.


The author is a Mind Body Wellness Coach & Integrated Therapist. She is also the Founder of Sanctuary of Life. She can be reached on


Mob: +919908755591