New Delhi: Selenophiles ... Keep your calendars marked for January 20 and 21, for the Super Blood Moon which is  going to be the last total lunar eclipse occurs  until May 26, 2021.

The Super Blood Moon 2019, is a rare event which  amateur astronomers look forward to this one is due to occur in January. Here, we have all the details for you about the total lunar eclipse in 2019, including India timings and how to watch. Notably, this particular Super Blood Moon is actually going to be a trifecta of lunar events – a total lunar eclipse, super blood moon, and a “Wolf Moon” - and is also being called the Super Blood Wolf Moon. And based on your time zone you can see the Moon .

When is total lunar eclipse (Super Blood Moon) in January 2019?

According to  National Geographic, the total lunar eclipse will begin at 10:11am IST on January 21 (11:41pm ET, January 20) and will last for 62 minutes.

Who can see Super Blood Moon?

Most people in Asia, including India, will miss the complete eclipse, whereas people in eastern Africa and eastern Europe will just get to see the partial lunar eclipse, which will start before the 10:11am start time, and continue after the 62 minutes mark. The complete lunar event, including the partial eclipses and total eclipse, will last for 3.5 hours.

What is the Super Blood Moon ?

So this is basically the total lunar eclipse? This happens when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are perfectly lined up and the Earth blocks all of Sun's light from reaching the Moon. Also, a lunar eclipse only takes place when there is a full Moon.

This time's January 21 event is being called Super Blood Wolf Moon.

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