The most profound truths in life are simple enough to be told without much strain. 'Life's Amazing Secrets’ is one such book, written in a light-hearted, thought-provoking style, by popular ISCKON monk, Gaur Gopal Das; who already has 1.3 million subscribers on YT.

The book takes us on a relatable journey. In the rush of Mumbai’s ruthless traffic for hours on end, Gaur Gopal Das strikes up a conversation with his friend and young millionaire, Harry. Together, they explore the great frustrations of human condition in Harry's luxury sedan. Through their journey, Gaur Gopal Das shows you how to conquer your daily battles, align yourself with your purpose and win at life!

The purpose of the book is clearly to help us find ‘balance & purpose in our life.’

Speaking to a rapt audience, Gaur Gopal Das said, "I think the art of living life is to find the right balance between being successful and feeling successful.People have mastered the art of being successful but we also need to master the art of feeling successful. Being successful is about having things but feeling successful is about living your life.Being successful is about what others think of you,feeling successful is about what you think of your own life.Being successful is about climbing up the stairs to the heights,feeling successful is about finding the key to your happiness."

Unveiling the book, actress Juhi Chawla said, "Gaur Gopal Dasji,I have been watching your videos.You have becomeworld famous. I had never met him and had no idea I would run into him in Italy, about 10 - 12 days ago. There he spoke very interesting things, about engagement, life and relationships and t I get this invitation of here.I replied I am really looking forward for reading Life's Amazing Secrets and not only that I am also looking forward to buy lots of copies for my friends and family because I'm sure we all want to know what's in there for a successful life.So thank you for unveiling them for us.

Maulik Desai, Head Crossword Bookstores welcomed the seer to Kemps Corner. “Crossword Bookstores is happy to host Gaur Gopal Das, one of the most loved & widely followed monks inrecent times. His advice is very contemporary and relevant. I would definitely call this a treat for our customers.”