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Ragupati Sahay ‘Firaaq’ Gorakhpuri - Sakshi Post

na koi va’da, na koi yaqeeN, na koi umeed

magar humeiN tau tera intezaar karna thha

-Firaaq Gorakhpuri (1896-1982)

न कोई वादा, न कोई यक़ीं, न कोई उम्मीद

मगर हमें तो तेरा इंतज़ार करना था

- फ़िराक़ गोरखपुरी

Ragupati Sahay ‘Firaaq’ Gorakhpuri ranks among the giants of the pre-modern Urdu Ghazal. He is among the few poets of his time who used the Ghazal form laden with classical expressions, yet filled with refreshingly different thematic content. This style, in years to come, opened a pathway to the modern Urdu Ghazal. A Gnanpith Award recipient, the temperamental poet taught English at the Allahabad University. Here’s another simple, yet exceedingly popular shair from Firaaq:

bahut dinoN meiN mohabbat ko yeh hua ma’loom

jo teri hijr meiN guzri woh raat, raat hui


बहुत दिनों में मोहब्बत को ये हुआ मालूम

जो तेरी हिज्र में गुज़री वो रात, रात हुई

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