Urdu Couplet Of The Day - 20

Shamim Jaipuri - Sakshi Post

begunaahi ka har ehsaas miTaa de koi
mujh ko is daur meiN jeene ki sazaa de koi

-Shamim Jaipuri
Rid me of this feeling of being unsullied by sin
Punish me for living in this time and age
The shair marked by its ironic tone, expresses the poet's angst at living in a day and age devoid of basic goodness of the human spirit.
Elsewhere in the same Ghazal Shamim says...
hosh waaloN ne tau kar rakhha hai duniya ko tabah
mujh ko is daur meiN diwaana bana de koi
This is a recurring thought in his Ghazals. In another verse, laced with irony, Shamim expresses a similar theme...
zamaana ahl-e-Khirad se tau ho chuka maayoos
ajab nahiN koi diwaana kaam kar jaaye

The first line could loosely be translated thus...
The world is weary of and disappointed with men of reason.
The second line which completes this thought is self-explanatory.

Shamim Jaipuri, a poet of recent times, was a popular figure at Mushairas all over India. A powerful poet in the classical mould, Shamim is seen as a master of packing a compact line with rich meaning. His simple diction, striking analogies and appealing imagery endeared him to audiences at Mushairas.

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