Urdu Couplet of the Day - 18

Saaqib Lucknavi - Sakshi Post

zamaana baDe shauq se sun raha thha

humeeN so gaye daastaaN kehte kehte

Saaqib Lucknavi (1869-1946)

ज़माना बड़े शौक़ से सुन रहा था

हमीं सो गए दास्ताँ कहते कहते

‘Saaqib’ Lucknowi was an accomplished poet of the Ghazal whose work is marked by a strong classical touch. He was regarded as one of the leading poets in the classical mould in his time. Saaqib is known for the directness of language and expression in his Ghazals, shorn of flowery, complex turns of phrase.

As in the case of poets in the tradition of the classical Ghazal, ‘Saaqib’ uses layered metaphors and figurative modes poetic expression, as in this shair....

chaman ka zikr kya ab tau Khuda ko yaad karte haiN

Khushi sayyaad ko hoti hai jab faryaad karte haiN

चमन का ज़िक्र क्या अब तो ख़ुदा को याद करते हैं

ख़ुशी सैय्याद को होती है जब फ़रियाद करते हैं

The use of “Khuda ko yaad karte haiN” both at the literal and figurative levels, in a compact opening line of a Ghazal, adds to the beauty of the shair. This is then, substantiated by the reaction of the hunter/bird-catcher (sayyaad) to complete the metaphorical expression.

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