Urdu Couplet Of The Day - 4

Asghar Gondvi - Sakshi Post

sunta hun bade ghaur se afsaana-e-hasti
kuch khwaab hai, kuch asl hai, kuch tarz-e-adaa hai
-Asghar Gondvi (1884-1936)
(I listen avidly to the tale of existence,
It is partly true, dream in part and partly the style of expression)
Considered by historians of Urdu literature as one of the four giants of the Ghazal form in twentieth century Urdu poetry, (the other three being Fani Badayuni, Jigar Moradabadi and Hasrat Mohaani) , Asghar Gondvi's body of work is imbued with a powerful element of mysticism. The influence of Sufi philosophy on his poetry is very evident.
The couplet here is a fine example of of the metaphysical aspect Asghar Gondvi's poetry. The poet says that he listens keenly to the tale of human existence and as one whose vision is tempered with Sufi understanding sees it, he completes the thought in the second line. What is existence? In part it the reality one faces at the individual level; to some extent, it is a dream and it is partly the style of narration, which could be seen one's approach to life.

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