ishq ik 'Mir' bhaari pathhar hai

kab yeh tujh na-tawaan se uthta hai

Mir Taqi 'Mir' (1723-1821) ranks among the greatest Urdu poets of all time. Mir enriched Urdu poetry and the Ghazal form in particular, when it was in its incipient stages. Lovers of Urdu poetry refer to the language as that of Ghalib and Mir, in the same breath, just as English is described as the language of Shakespeare and Milton. Mir's poetry is marked by a sense of poignancy and plaintiveness.

In the couplet cited here, Mir refers to love as a heavy boulder, which cannot be lifted or borne by a feeble (na-tawaan) person. In other words, love demands fierce commitment and a spirit of self-effacement.

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